Hon. Jamoa A. Moberly


​Representative Cases

Judge of the Orange County Superior Court (Ret.)

  • Dispute arising from sexual battery, social media defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress involving a transgender individual.  Damages included usurping the website rights of the transgender victim’s professional name.

  • Dispute arising from dog bite injuries to mail carrier and whether landlord was responsible for friend of tenant’s dog.

  • Dispute arising from injuries due to slip and fall at shopping center food court suffered by Mexican residents while visiting family here.  Matter involved loss of income as a Quinceanera seamstress, loss of consortium and medical treatment including surgery in Mexico.  Attorney fees awarded to plaintiff post trial for defense failure to accurately identify location of the fall during discovery.

  • Dispute arising from cervical injury to restaurant patron due to loaded serving tray dropped onto patron’s neck by server at fine dining establishment.  Scope of injury highly contested although patron had no prior history and completed multiple epidurals.

  • Dispute arising between competing bicoastal money changers in close knit immigrant community involving claims of defamation, interference with prospective business advantage, and battery requiring a discovery referee and interpreters. 

  • Dispute involving a truck running over a bicyclist as the middle age man was peddling on the sidewalk in the daylight with no obstruction to driver’s view.  Truck driver was exiting a private parking area.  Liability and extent of damages highly contested. 

  • Dispute involving an early morning collision between a right turning double trailer dump truck rolling over a bicyclist as the bicyclist was entering a crosswalk on a green light.  Bicyclist suffered a very serious degloving injury and crushing of the legs and after multiple surgeries returned to a physical job. 

  • Dispute arising from coverage for an auto accident and whether the adult divorced daughter was a member of the household under her parents’ policy.

  • Dispute arising from traumatic brain injury arising from minor rear impact auto accident and claim made after new counsel entered for plaintiff.

  • Dispute arising from beer cans falling down onto supermarket patron’s head.  Elderly active woman claimed post-concussion syndrome and husband claimed loss of consortium. 

  • Dispute arising from multiple sewage backups from common area into elderly couple’s vacation beach condo causing extensive property damage to interior and mold remediation.  Husband, still practicing medicine in Arizona, claimed substantial loss of income and both claimed physical injuries and loss of use and enjoyment.  Property management company had hired inept contractors resulting in the repeated backups.

  •  Wrongful death action arising from negligent left turn by elderly woman driver who had suspected early stages of dementia.  Elderly longtime live-in boyfriend was killed.  Their relationship had spanned over thirty years.   Action brought by decedent’s adult children against her doctor for failure to notify DMV and her family of her possible dementia and fitness to drive.